About us

Chip Jones - Co-owner, VVC Commercial Repair

Our mission statement

To act justly is to do what is right no matter the consequences. To love mercy is to always be willing to help another in need. To walk humbly with our God is to give HIM the glory for ALL of our victories. Victory, to us, is about reaching out to others and making a difference.

Virginia Vacuum Center, Inc.
Established June 1, 1987
Chip and Cheryl Jones
Based on Micah 6:8 NIV

VVC Commercial Repair began as Virginia Vacuum Center, Inc. in 1987, focusing primarily on vacuum cleaner and sewing machine repairs. Originally located in the Indian River section of Chesapeake, Virginia, the first shop was opened by Chip and Cheryl Jones on June 1, 1987 with the goal of giving their customers the best quality repair work in the area. It remained in operation at that location until 1995 when it was relocated to the Churchland area of Portsmouth, Virginia. At its foundation, the newly established Virginia Vacuum Center grew as its integrity and workmanship became known. However, the winter of 1992 brought many changes for the business. During that time, Virginia Vacuum Center began its first work on commercial equipment when a local janitorial supply house noticed the quality of the company's workmanship. They proposed that the business bring its quality work to automatic scrubbers and propane buffers.

Business prospered as commercial repairs became the focus of the business and, by August 1993, Virginia Vacuum Center had outgrown the 800 square foot building it began in. The shop was relocated to a larger suite in the same shopping center. The old bank building, now the storefront for Virginia Vacuum Center, was nothing short of a relief as far as space was concerned. 3,500 square feet of showroom space, workshop area, and even unused offices in the back gave the business room to breathe.

Once established in the new bank building location, Virginia Vacuum Center decided to branch out into a new market. A commercial floor care and chemicals division seemed like a promising venture for the business to make. Chemicals, pads, and even equipment were purchased, requiring Virginia Vacuum Center to expand into an area of business that they were unfamiliar with and unprepared for. Soon after integrating its new line of products, the business realized that it was no match for the nationally established janitorial supply houses. It was a lesson learned, but not without some losses.

By the late summer of 1995 the business could no longer remain in the bank building location. A touch of grace and a series of blessings allowed Virginia Vacuum Center to re-establish itself practically overnight. The business' present location, in the Churchland area of Portsmouth, was smaller than the bank suite, but was affordable and closer to home. Instead of having too much space, the shop could now operate comfortably and focus on commercial and the recently added mobility equipment repairs.

VVC Commercial's introduction to mobility repair took place in 1996 while doing work for a local Walmart. The management of the store mentioned having issues with their electric wheelchairs, and when it was asked if Virginia Vacuum Center would be interested in repairing the machines, the answer was an immediate yes. From that day forward, VVC Commercial Repair took on not only commercial mobility repair, but private wheelchair and scooter service as well. 

From its inception, VVC Commercial has adapted and evolved into the establishment that is known today. Only about five percent of the company's current repair work includes vacuums while the commercial repair division demands the majority of the attention. Although many things have changed over the years, VVC Commercial still holds true to the values that the original Virginia Vacuum Center, Inc. established over twenty years ago: the values of quality workmanship and honesty.