Commercial repair

At VVC Commercial Repair our focus is giving you the best service possible and working with you in the most efficient manner we can. Our company's expanded spectrum of repair services is at your disposal. We can solve all of your maintenance needs simply and efficiently. No matter what combination of machines you use, we guarantee that we can service and repair them all. Call us with any repair inquiries.

Brands serviced

  • Alto
  • Honda
  • NSS
  • Nilfisk/Advance
  • Nobles
  • Pioneer Eclipse
  • ProTeam
  • Tennant
  • Windsor
  • More

  • If your brand is not listed give us a call.

    We will come to you

    VVC Commercial Repair services every brand of floor care equipment used in the industry. We can schedule service calls for any location within our district and recommend them for most types of battery-powered equipment that are usually too large to transport. We are also happy to pick up any non-battery-powered equipment for repair off-site. As always, bringing the machine to our shop is the least expensive manner to complete repairs.

    Give us a call with the make and model of any faulty unit and we will gladly discuss the best manner with which to estimate and repair it.

    If you are unsure if your location falls within our district, refer to the map below. The orange circle indicates the area that we work within.

    Contact us

    Tel: (757) 686-2973

    Tues-Fri: 9am-5pm
    Sat: 9am-2pm

    Sunday and Monday

    Our service area

    Below you will find a map showing the location of our business. The orange circle you see is the radius that represents our general service area.

    If you live beyond this area or are unsure if you fall within our district, feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to help you regardless.