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VVC Commercial Repair began in 1987 as Virginia Vacuum Center. Since then, our business has grown and has consequently expanded into areas beyond vacuum cleaner repairs. Though about ninety-five percent of our business is commercial floor care and mobility-related, we still service and repair almost every type of consumer vacuum and have recently begun repairing recreational equipment. Call us with any repair inquiries.

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Many times the simplest solution is not the most apparent and small problems can be handled right at home. A few of the most common issues are listed below. A lot of times you can fix or prevent these issues all by yourself, saving you time and money.

Issue: My vacuum will not pick up.

Most vacuums used today are the upright type. One of two things is usually the issue when this happens. Either the vacuum is clogged or the belt is stretched or broken.

Clogged vacuum
The first thing to look for is a clog. If you have an attachment hose on your vacuum, see if the suction is up to par. If it is not, then check the hose for any clogs.

Bagless units
If you have a bagless model be certain to check ALL of your filters. Most units have at least two filters, one before the dust cup (primary), and one after (exhaust). Although bags are not needed with this type of vacuum, they require more maintenance. It should be dumped out after each use.

Bag units
On vacuums that use paper bags, be sure the bag is never filled more than one third of its capacity. Once filled beyond that, the efficiency of the unit drops considerably.

New carpet?
A very common problem with new carpets is getting the vacuum clogged with the new fuzz. New carpets shed heavily the first few times they are vacuumed. Move slowly and change the bag often. If it does get clogged be certain to get it all. That will sometimes require a visit to us. If it keeps clogging up, bring it by, we'll get it back in good shape right away!

Broken belt
If no clogs were found and there is good suction with the hose, then most likely the drive belt for the brush underneath is either broken or worn. Those vacuums that use a rubber stretch belt require replacement about every six to eight months. After about six months with the belt constantly being stretched, it tends to slip when used on carpet. It may appear to turn fine when you check it but as soon as it makes contact with the floor, that's when it slips. This is one of the leading reasons vacuums are brought in for repair. If you are going to replace the belt yourself, be certain to get the exact belt made for your make and model. The wrong belt will not work and can do more harm than good. We also recommend using the genuine belt as the generic ones often do not fit well or last.

For any other troubleshooting or issue prevention questions, contact us using the information above.