Mobility repair

Introduced in 1996, mobility products are the newest addition to the spectrum of equipment that we maintain and repair. Because of our extensive experience in commercial wheelchairs and scooters, we quickly migrated into personal mobility products. In addition to personal wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters, we repair lift chairs, patient lifts and lift beds as well as many other mobility-related devices. Call us with any repair inquiries.

Brands serviced

  • 21st Century
  • Scientific
  • Amigo
  • HoverRound
  • Invacare
  • Lark
  • Mart Cart
  • Merits
  • Pride
  • Rascal
  • Sunrise
  • Tuffcare

  • If your brand is not listed give us a call.

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    What kind of chair do I have?

    Battery operated mobility devices go by a lot of names. Use the reference images below to better understand what type of mobility device you own.


    A mobility scooter has a seat over 3, 4 or now 5 wheels, a flat area or foot plates for the feet, and handlebars in front to turn one, two or 3 steerable wheels. The seat may swivel to allow access when the front is blocked by the handlebars. Mobility scooters are usually battery powered. A battery or two is stored on board the scooter and is charged via an onboard or separate battery charger unit from standard electric power. Gasoline-powered scooters may also available in some countries, though they are rapidly being replaced by electric models. Do not confuse a mobility scooter with a wheelchair as they are for very different needs.
    Power chair

    Power chair

    Powerchairs are generally four-wheeled and non-folding, however some folding designs exist and other designs may have some ability to partially dismantled for transit. Four general styles of powerchair drive systems exist: front, center or rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Powered wheels are typically somewhat larger than the trailing/castoring wheels, while castoring wheels are typically larger than the castors on a manual chair. Center wheel drive powerchairs have castors at both front and rear for a six-wheel layout.

    Power Chair Check-up

    VVC Commercial Repair is currently offering scooter and power chair owners a great deal on repair estimates.

    All estimates done in our store are being offered for the low price of only $29
    and estimates done in your home for only $59.

    To find out if you qualify for our special in-home estimate pricing, please give us a call at (757) 686-2973 or take a look at the map on our contact us page to get a general idea of the area that we serve.

    Please note that we withhold the right to choose whether your location is applicable regardless of the implications of this ad or the map available on our website and Google Maps.

    Our Medicare policy

    VVC Commercial Repair is an authorized Medicare contractor for the repair and sale of scooters and power chairs. We are affiliated with XMED Oxygen & Medical Equipment who handle all of the paperwork associated with the Medicare system. Upon authorization, we will either repair your scooter on site or bring it back to our shop, leaving you a loaner scooter for your convenience. The information needed to get authorized for us to work on your scooter is only a phone call away. Give us a call and we will gladly go over the details.


    Many times there are a lot of options for battery operated mobility device owners that can be handled right at home. A few of most common (and simplest) issues are listed below. A lot of times you can fix or prevent these issues all by yourself, saving you time and money.

    Issue: My chair will not turn on.

    Most often a machine will not turn on because the battery voltage is too low.
    1. If the unit has an on-board charger, check the amp meter when you plug the cord into a wall outlet to see if it shows a reading while plugged in.
    2. If you have an external charger, check the lights to see if they indicate that the charger is working.

    Issue: My chair's lights blink when I turn it on but it will not move.

    If your chair's lights blink when you attempt to turn it on, it is probably trying to tell you something.
    1. Is the chair's charging circuit plugged into the wall? If the chair is plugged into the wall, it will not move as a safety precaution. Unplug the cord, turn off the unit and turn it back on.
    2. Is the chair in the "freewheeling" mode? In other words, can you push the chair around the room while it is off? If so, there is a lever for each motor that needs to be engaged. When engaged, the unit cannot be pushed when it is off. Turn the unit off after engaging the motors and turn it back on.
    3. Are there multiple lights blinking in some kind of pattern or are there a certain number of lights blinking? Every chair has a different set of fault codes. Your chair is telling you a specific issue that has occurred.
      • Some units continuously blink a certain number of lights until you switch off the machine. The number of lights blinking indicates the problem. Give us a call and we can help.*
      • Some units blink all of the lights in a pattern. There is usually a long pause before the pattern repeats itself. The number of lights will indicate the problem. Give us a call and we can help.*
      • Some units have a multiple blinking code. For example a 2-3 code. In other words, it blinks two times with a short pause and then blinks three times. There is a long pause and then it starts all over again. Give us a call and we will help you to determine what the code is so the problem can be repaired.*

    *In order to help you with your chair, we must have the make, model and serial number. If we have worked on your chair before, this information should already be in our system.
    If a chair has been left unused for a long period of time the batteries are almost always limited in run time. We stock most scooter and power chair batteries and provide a charger checkup as part of our installation just to be sure that there are no other issues.
    Give us a call!